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Become a Self-Taught Guitarist

On 2nd, 5th & 6th of August, 2021

Wesley Dcosta.jpeg

Deacon Wesley D'Costa Highlighted on the following:

1) Get started with the guitar

2) Learn fundamentals

3) Online resources

4) Guitar made easy, fun

Dn. Wesley D'Costa SJ.




Guitar Chords: C Key

Guitar Chords: D Key

Guitar Chords: E Key

Guitar Chords: F Key

Guitar Chords: G Key

Guitar Chords: A Key

Guitar Chords: B Key

Guitar Songbook 1

Berkeley Hillel Songbook

Recorded Lectures

Beatles Complete

170+ Best Songs for Acoustic Guitar

Become a Self-Taught Guitarist Session 1
2nd Aug 2021

Become a Self-Taught Guitarist Session 2
4th Aug 2021

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